Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tektite Rock Ring

I recently found this little shop near Lake Merritt that had healing stones and rock jewelery, and was very drawn to this ring. The shop owner was so helpful and knowledgeable- he told me about the origins and nature of Tektite. Apparently it is melted sand (glass) created from the heat by the friction of impact from a meteorite. This one came from Libya.

He said that Tektite - with the energy from space but being formed from earth, has the effect of keeping your energy grounded with your head chakra always open to the stars. Makes sense to me since according to wiki, the "precursor material is mainly terrestrial in origin (mixed with small traces of extraterrestrial material, perhaps that of the impactor" (wiki)

Now that sounds really good to me! That's the kind of energy that can really keep a person in balance- which is so much needed in today's crazy fast paced world. I have always found that the most valuable messages have come to me in a state similar to that one- head "open", yet feet firmly on the ground. You might call this clarity :)

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