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Shenova by Holly Renee Launches at San Francisco Fashion Week September 28th Emerging Designers!

Video here

The fashion show was a success and amazing experience, chaotic and beautiful at the same time. Thank you to Owen Geronimo at #SFFAMA for giving me this opportunity, my boyfiend Peter and Area 5 Crew for shooting what will be an epic jaw dropping 3d video, Stephanie Patrick for assisting me last minute! Trentemoller for creating the darkest, sexiest techno that happened to be the perfect song for my collection, and to the city of San Francisco for being this incredible inspiring place just bursting with young creative energy. Pics and video coming soon! 

Shenova on Fashion School Daily:

From the collection: The Acupuncture Point Dress was many people's favorite. 

Images courtesy of Ariel Spaugh

The Space Opera Dress (complete with alien language)

Alien Eyes Dress

The Origins of the Universe Gown

Goddess of Saturn Dress

5/23/2012 Custom Dress Design for the newly Doctor of Neuroscience Erica Warp!

THIS was a very fun project. Erica wanted to collaborate on a design inspired by science. She loved the artwork of Ramon y Cajal. We flipped through the book and found something we both agreed on to use for the textile design. I was particularly drawn to the retina images, all of the shapes and textures were so beautiful. Who knew that that's what the inside of our eye looks like?? Amazing. 

The cut of the dress was based on one of her classic favorites. I decided to panel the print with the stretch black which would make it move more and be more comfortable. 

The result looks stunning on her! Congratulations to Erica and best of luck to her in her exciting new project:  Kizoom, a childrens neuroscience e-book! 

I also ordered the print in wild hot pink which I LOVE (pink = my favorite color) and made a slinky lycra/spandex version- for sale on my etsy store.


3-Series BMW Spec now up on YouTube


Jean Paul Gaultier at the San Francisco De Young Museum

So yesterday was pretty much the best day of my life. I got very lucky that someone from Craigslist had extra tickets to the conversation with Suzy Menkes and JPG. The talk was really inspiring. JPG has been my biggest inspiration and is the reason why I started designing clothes (from seeing the Fifth Element costume design) I was truly moved by his character, he was so charming, charismatic and energetic even at 60 years old! At the end of the talk I made my way into the crowd and managed to get his autograph (!!!) and tell him what an inspiration he has been for me. I'm going to be framing this immediately.

Video- The Most Astounding Fact

Then this morning my friend sent me a link to the most inspiring video I have seen in a while- this video pretty much sums up why I am so obsessed with space imagery. I had a lightbulb moment, that maybe the invention of the internet has become a microcosm for the universe. Ok so let me explain...In this video it states that everything is connected and energy just comes and goes in different forms. This I have observed over and over in life. There is no death, really...Everything is in a constant cycle of transference. Death becomes life becomes death...Dead leaves in the woods decompose and become soil and nourishment for the next thing to grow.

What if the invention of the internet has been one grand re-invention of the nature of the universe? Maybe this was all meant to happen. Maybe we are just now, in this time, starting to open up to our sense of grand connectivity?

Food for thought.

3/10/2012 BMW Short Film- DESIR3 Challenge

On Thursday I found out about the BMW video contest- the winner gets the new car! I was able to collaborate with local 3d filmmaker Peter Chang and I designed and sewed the dress in only one night... These quick challenges are really great at testing your skills and keeping you focused! The design was inspired by the car, and I wanted to also create something eye popping, sexy and sleek that emulated the lines of the vehicle. The end result even surprised me, I was SO happy with it. It's also very comfortable, made from an organic red jersey knit.

New BMW 3 Series 2012- Sexy!!

1/21/2012 Shenova Custom Dress Design for Renee Asteria 

I had the delight of designing a custom dress for lovely singer/songwriter Renee Asteria. She is coming out with her new album and wanted something special for her performances. We talked about what she wanted and I could tell from meeting her right away she was very passionate about her music, loved red and black, and I wanted to portray that in the design. We both agreed it would be great to stick with her theme of solar, sun, rebirth and stars- right up my alley! Check out her music here

                                     I love how the little sparkles caught the light!

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