About the Designer

Holly has been designing clothing from the young age of thirteen. Her early influences came from her lively dynamic parents and suburban upbringing in Pittsburgh, PA. She loved spending her kid days drawing and prancing around in costumes with her friends, hanging out in her tree house and playing in the woods. Later in the 90’s she became obsessed with computers, the rave scene, hackers, science fiction, and electronic music. Creating fashions for these events became her passion. She had her first fashion show at age fifteen, showcasing a collection of avante guard, sci-fi inspired party clothes under the name of Xenon 54.

Craving a bigger challenge and new environment, she decided to move to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art to study fashion design. Then something changed in her in 2006 when she began to search for something deeper. Inspired by her discoveries and travels in Asia she enrolled in school to study Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Then began the next chapter of her life and laying the groundwork of her modern Taoist philosophy. She started a  freelance graphics and illustration business to fund her passion of fashion,

Today she continues to be inspired by everything around her, especially people, technology, science fiction, music, astronomy, human physiology, feminine beauty, Chinese medicine, and even food.

She loves meeting other creative people and hopes to connect with as many innovative folks as possible. For fun, she enjoys nature hikes, comedies, cooking, and sipping a great cup of pu-ehr tea.