Shenova designs is inspired by the sense of balance in an unbalanced world: about merging nature and technology into one harmonious entity. For the first time in humanity we have reached the point of being a giant connected intelligent web. And yet never before have we felt so in need of direction and spirit in our society. We need young leaders (Spirit Stars) who will assume authority, show us the way, and take us where we need to go.

The designs combine modern vintage with function, natural images and latest digital fabric printing technology. It incorporates elements of high and low fashion, urban and couture, vintage glamour, activewear, and eco fabrics all without sacraficing comfort. Each piece is made to order hand crafted in the eclectic inspirational, intellectual hub of the US: Berkeley, California.

The Shenova girl has never been one to follow trends- she sets her own. She embraces both technology and the natural world. Her sexiness comes not from just her outside beauty but also her inner intelligence and vibrant spirit that shines so brightly. She is a fearlessly ambitious, independent trailblazer who has no problem standing out in a crowd.

She is smart, hardworking and mature, but always knows how to have a good time and enjoy herself. She is eco-concious but you won’t catch her out wearing old sweatpants: it’s all style, all the time. She respects herself and is bringing a bit of glamour to the new age.

You'll never miss a Shenova Girl. She is the special one in the room with the irresistable magnetism, the aura of excellence. She's the one that will inspire you, challenge you, pull you into her orbit of vibrant energy- and stay in your head forever.

To the stars and beyond, she goes...

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