Friday, March 9, 2012

In Progress Spring/Summer 2012: CyberPunked Collection: H4CK3R CH1C

I have always had a thing for hacker, computer nerds, gamer geeks. Seeing the TRON film made a lasting impression on me. I suppose it is that combination of female and machine that constantly inspires me, and I think it will be a theme I will continue to explore, as the increasingly invasive role of technology is more than ever. I am also quite obsessed with techno/space/ambient music, and often find myself listening to a song and getting a blast of a vision- the design is the manifestation of that singular feeling and moment in time created by the music.

Blade Runnerista Coat

This coat is part of my "nerdy chic" look and was inspired by Tron, Blade Runner and a splash of cyber and sport wear. It took me a very long time to make, probably around 40 hours from design to finish since there were so many details. The pink lines were cut from pinstripe fabric so I sewed them individually and quilted the pink patches for a more linear look and some extra warmth.

The main concept revolved around looseness and structure because I wanted it to have that semi military/cyber look without being too stiff and constricting. The fabric is a sweatshirt stretch black knit which is quite warm.

The insert detail in the chest front is a custom print fabric swatch which has a circuitry print and the words "Compressor" and "Power Section" written on it. The "Power Section" side is over the heart :) how funny, I just love it when that happens...

The Miss Circuits Bodycon Dress is a easy to wear custom printed organic cotton knit bodycon party dress. Who says tech can't be sexy? Wear this and your nerdy boyfriend will surely be drooling... the ultimate Nerd Chic look!

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