Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shenova F/W 2013 Part 1

New online shop launched  www.shenovafashion.com

New collections up on the site soon!

Check out my custom MENS shirts, 
available for custom order holly.renee@gmail.com

DNA Print-Organic Cotton $65/ea
Worn by EastWest Philosopher and Herbalist Brandon Gilbert 

Acupuncture Point Panel Front,  Organic Cotton 

Circuit Print Panel Front 

Shenova FW 2013 : A fashion story about a bright, spirited girl finding balance in an unbalanced world. She embraces the fun and novelty of technology, while keeping her spirit nourished in the roots of ancient Taoist philosophies.  She is mystical, spiritual, fearless, strong...and one HOT nerd.

~Seen at San Francisco Fashion Week Sept 28th!~
inquiries holly.renee@gmail.com  or call Holly 510-730-0471

The Origins of the Universe Yin Yang Feathered Gown 

The S.E.T.I.  Showstopper Dress

Tao of Space Yin Yang Nebula Dress

Organic Cotton Saturn Ring Shirt and Legging

The Goddess of Saturn Dress

Yin Yang Tao of Space Bamboo Tee and Alien UFO Legging

Yin Yang Tao of Space Dress, Organic Cotton. Faux Fur and black velvet Parallel Universe Cosmonaut Coat

Organic Cotton Jersey Moons of Jupiter Dress

The Five Elements Dress

Organic Cotton Earth Satellite Print Tunic

Mars Curiosity Dress- Organic Cotton Print

Peace in the Clouds Dress, Organic Cotton

Peace in Pink Clouds Dress, Organic Cotton 

Science Chic~ Nerdy Cute~ Cosplay Fashionista~ 

Solar Eclipse Dress

This dress was inspired by the incredibly moving and inspiring experience I had seeing the recent solar eclipse. I walked around and noticed all of the shadows changed into these scallop patterns, the light was different, everything seemed surreal- It gave me chills! That's usually how I know then I must design something around this experience...PS thanks to the amazing Laura Bee for modeling, check out her modelmayhem page. 

And then came this dress, when I visualized it all I could see was the scallop shapes. Being that I am totally obsessed with concentric circles on the body and the circular geometry (see the Saturn dress) it was a natural. I made the seams in this shape and serged it on the outside, so the inside is smooth and clean. I loved the idea of a little peekaboo shape at the chest. The fabric is a supersoft cotton jersey.

The Double-Helix Cutie Dress

I am a huge admirer of scientific images! I custom designed this DNA print onto soft organic cotton jersey in a lovely lilac color.  Lab coat optional :)



                                             The Neuroscientist Retina Print Dress

This dress is a custom print design I remade from art by science artist Tartuferi in 1887- it is a drawing of the neuronal structure of inside the eye. The concept was inside on the outside, so you are literally looking at what your eye looks like..only in hot pink-ified version :) the fabric is a superslinky lycra, folds up small for travel and is really comfortable. I also made this mystic eye hat to go along with the dress. 

Planetary Tea Time Dress

This super cute little dress was inspired by a very warm day. It was one of those rare hot days here in Berkeley, and I decided to plop my sewing machine outside on the deck, and make something on the spot, on a whim that was fresh and perfect in that moment. I gravitated towards the explosive color and pattern of this cotton planet print, and gave it a heart shape neck. The result was a nice little classes mod teatime dress :) The lovely tech/tribal necklace is handmade by my bff Jacqueline Reeve, check out  her etsy shop

The SpiderWoman Dress

I am being drawn more and more to the woman superheros, as I tend to love strong women symbols of superpower. What's more Shenova than that? The fabric is a supersoft organic cotton jersey with black trim. You'll have lots of fun spinning your webs in this sexy little number...

The Catwoman Jacket

I have always loved the Michelle Pfieffer Tim Burton style catwoman from the second Batman movie. It is something about that crazy wild stitching..I had an idea for this coat when hearing about the new movie and wanting to bring that Catwoman cosplay feeling into my daily life. After I made this I wore it out and walking around the city at night I felt pretty fierce- the skirt of the coat floats as you walk in it! I made it from a comfy warm fleece with satin trim, and hand stitched with white silk thread. 

 The Cutie Bear Hoodie Coat

This one was heavily inspired by my travels to Tokyo and all of the cuteness in the pop culture there. Also, I wanted to make a versatile and comfortable coat that was really warm and kept the wind out. It is made from a super soft fleece with real coconut buttons and faux fur trim. I am planing on making this available in several other color combinations. Say hi to my pet hamster, Little Shen :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shenova 2012

Bay Area Spring/Summer 2012

We did this shoot at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, with model/actress Anya Bykova and photographer Peter Chang. I loved the mod future kind of setting, it perfectly complimented the clothes. Some of the shots remind me of scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which just gives me goosebumps...

I did another new take on the Saturn Dress with a custom NASA print super saturated pink re-color spandex applique. The contrast black is eco bamboo stretch with a little shiny collar to tech it up a bit. I also made the hat and the Night Sky legging, the hat was inspired by a UFO.

The bamboo stretch is so soft against the skin.This design is a bit of a mix between clubwear and activewear, a Shenova classic style. 

Rings of Saturn Dress $225
Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for shipping as these items are all made to order thank you :)


Pink Cosmonaut Hoodie: For those Bay Area Summer nights: double layer fleece, astronaut detailing. Fun reflective strip on arm and hood- great for bikers.

Custom Printed Spandex Robot Controller Dress. Liquid Black stretch contrast. Gear leggings.
I listened to a lot of very good techno while designing this outfit. I think it shows. :) Sometimes I'll hear one part of a song and a design will come to me in that very instance from a particular emotion it brings up. So then I spend the next few days or week just steeping in it. Gladly, the result of this one was just as fierce as the songs that fueled it.

"The Queen Bee Coat" For those times when...you gotta let em know who's boss :) Black Velvet stretch  faux fur trim, crystal studded yin yang logo on back.

"Midnight Hacker" Dress: Sexy Femme Fatale Black Velvet stretch. 

"Earth Mother" Coat: Polar Fleece Lined Cotton Print- View of Earth From Space
Earthly Chic

Make your own world...

This next photoshoot we did with award-winning photographer Peter H. Chang, Models Laura Bee and Stephanie Patrick.

Since I am totally obsessed with Saturn (someone recently told me because my "age of Saturn" has returned) I am doing a mini-collection devoted just to it. I LOVE how the rings on the print interplay with the contours of the body. This dress is 100% eco friendly, custom NASA saturn print applique, bamboo rings on the front and back. The supersexy strappy back rings along the spine follow the energy points on the body. One of my absolute favs from this collection!

The Shen Hat- Russian style, made from faux fur with crystal logo. Crystal Magic gloves: superglam sheer with
crystals. Paired well with the Tibetan Tuxedo Bolero, Blue Nebula Dress and Yin Yang mask.


               Miss stars nightflight coat. Cotton and faux fur with quilt detailing. Galaxy jumpsuit

Galaxy Jumpsuit/Playsuit.

Deep black velvet Launch crop hoodie. Bamboo lined, supersoft with shuttle launch patch. Stars inside the hood.

This coat was very fun to make and wear. It's space-opera-luxe-to-the-max! It's fully fur lined with cotton print exterior and arm patches. The sleeves are a luxurious black velvet. Posh...

This is the Pink Wormhole dress, complete with portholes on front and back...for those days when you feel like transporting yourself to another fashion dimension! Inspired by activewear, this dress can be worn out to tea, to the gym and then to the club! The black side panels are supersoft bamboo cotton jersey.

Blue Hubble Girl Carina Nebula Dress- Custom Print Organic cotton, Starry Satellite Tea Hat in blue

Pink Trifid Nebula dress, Custom Printed Organic Cotton and matching custom printed silk tea hat